this is going to seem stupid but

nursing school is really hard. today is my first day where I don’t really have any work in the past 2 weeks, and that’s just because I accidentally did 2 weeks’ worth for last week’s friday class.

and by I don’t have any work I mean I do have work, I just was able to actually do regular people things like go online without a timer counting down to when I have to get back to work, and watch a couple of episodes of a TV show when I wanted to.

so my school granted me a transfer credit

but instead of granting me the credit for the identical course that is on the roster for my degree they granted me an absolutely freaking useless generic philosophy credit that i can’t apply towards a nursing degree


instead of taking 7 courses this semester i’m going to go with taking the elective during summer school. i have multiple disabilities and i can’t handle the workload/stress of 7 courses at once after spending a year doing basically nothing. this sucks i thought i was going to get the credit because it’s totally logical that i would and now i’m just super frustrated and disappointed.

at least i’ll have more options as to what to take in summer school - and after taking 6 nursing courses all year, it’ll still seem like a vacation to only be taking one.